What does Chat GPT4 Vision see?

!!! Do not refresh this page after result as the processing is limited by IP and files are temporary (I can't guarantee how much they will reside on the server) !!!

Example of prompt (!!! output of GPT and input here must match !!!):

Please provide the size of the canvas/image you are processing with in pixels in the format:

Count how many apples are in the picture and output the following for each apple

Canvas/Image Size:
Width: # pixels
Height: # pixels

a) name of recognized element
b) start coordinates integer X, Y (both of them) in the format: X: #, Y: #
c) end coordinates integers X, Y (both of them) in the format: X: #, Y: #

a) Apple
b) X: 14, Y: 31
c) X: 58, Y: 82

Known GPT response issues:

1)Canvas answer has flipped height and width

2)Provided response is not formatted properly

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